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Welcome to Procurement

Welcome to Procurement

1250 W.Broadway Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Welcome to the MPS Procurement website. The Procurement Manager leads the sourcing, purchasing and vendor management function for the school district. Our goal is to bring a best value approach that allows the school district to spend funds in the best way possible in support of improving the educational experience.

Thank you for your interest to serve the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) with your products and services.

You can connect with the district opportunities by checking our website for open O.P. and R.F.P.: 

Vendors can also can send information about their products and services to Procurement Department at

If you are a vendor and would like to serve MPS, here are the vendor processing and opportunities to work with MPS:

  1. Vendor participated and have been awarded the business via bid for goods – O.P. (Official Publication)
  2.  Vendor participated and have been awarded the business for services via R.F.P. (Request For Proposal)
  3. Vendor have been requested to provide a quote and have been identified as the best fit for MPS for that product or service.

In all those cases the vendor will receive the request to fill out the forms required and those will be approved and reviewed by schools site and or departments that requested those goods or services. After approval the vendor will be registered in our systems as a vendor by the Procurement Department.

If further questions or information are needed the Procurement Department will contact you.
Due to limited resources in Procurement we are unable to meet with all vendors that reach out to our department.
As resources allow we will try to implement more ways to interact with vendors.